Standard of Care

HMS that helps establish and maintain a standard of care through digitization and automation.

Patient Engagement

Data-driven solution with increased patient involvement for resolving your patients' healthcare needs.


Systematically improve patient experience, convenience, and ease of operability.

Referral Management

Boost healthcare with a digital platform for referrals that furnishes advantages for all involved.

Connected Care

Personalized and practical care delivered efficiently to patients, beyond the walls of the hospital.

Organ Transplantation

End-to-end application regulated for all processes of organ donation, allocation, and transplantation.

Primary Care Clinic

Digitize your clinic & engage with your patients by enhancing accessibility and connectivity

Nursing Homes

Leverage the advantage of personalised care and integration of services through our solutions.

Secondary Care Hospitals

White-labelled digital model with a complete solution for all facets of your hospital.

Tertiary Care Hospitals

White-labelled solution that is easily integrable with your Hospital Information Management System.

Government and Healthcare

Digitize governmental healthcare institutions and agencies through digital technology adoption.

Your Personal Healthcare Assistant

Streamlining healthcare communication and improving patient experience with our instant healthcare support chatbot.

Introducing the smart way to manage healthcare communication - Mocero MedBot

Designed to enhance patient care and streamline hospital operations, our WhatsApp-based Chatbot is an intelligent and interactive virtual assistant that is available 24/7 to answer patients' questions, provide medical advice, and guide them through the healthcare system. It is also capable of integrating with other hospital systems, such as HMS, EHR, or patient portals, to provide a seamless experience for patients by improving patient satisfaction, reducing wait times, and increasing efficiency.

The future of Healthcare Communication is here - meet our Chatbot.

Connect with patients like never before

General Features

Two-Way Messaging

Patients can send messages to the chatbot regarding any information, and the chatbot responds with required details.


The chatbot can be integrated with an HMS to provide real-time patient details through the patient app.

Appointment Scheduling

Patients can use the chatbot to schedule and reschedule appointments, and receive reminders about upcoming appointments.

Test Results

The chatbot can provide patients with access to their test results, and explain any medical terminology or results that patients may not understand.

Medication Reminders

Automated medication reminders with information on dosage and potential side effects can be sent to patients via notifications, email and/or SMS, reducing the risk of missed medication.

Patient Education

The chatbot can educate patients through constant engagement to be equal partners in their healthcare decisions and increase awareness for the need and urgency of treatment.


The chatbot can provide patients with answers to frequently asked questions, such as medical details, hospital policies and procedures, insurance information, and visiting hours.

Feedback Collection

The chatbot can collect patient feedback on their experience with the hospital, and provide this feedback to hospital staff to improve patient satisfaction.

Multilingual Support

The chatbot can handle conversations in multiple languages in order to cater to a diverse patient population for healthcare support.

Security and Privacy

The chatbot is designed with appropriate security and privacy measures in place to protect medical and patient information.

Analytics and Reporting

The chatbot can collect data on patient interactions and generate reports on usage, so as to improve patient satisfaction.

Experience for patient
Journey in WhatsApp

Make sure the information you provide through the WhatsApp bot is clear and
easy to understand. Patients should be able to quickly find the information they
need without having to sift through a lot of unnecessary details.

Experience the flow


A digital solution of a WhatsApp-based Chatbot that can be integrated with a hospital management system (HMS) offers several benefits that can improve healthcare communication, streamline workflows, and enhance patient outcomes, as shown below:


Improved Patient Experience

The chatbot provides patients with an easy and convenient way to access healthcare by reducing the need for phone calls, in-person visits, and waiting times, thus improving the overall patient experience.


Reduced Workload and Cost

The chatbot can handle routine queries and tasks, freeing up staff time for more complex tasks. This reduces staff burnout and improves their job satisfaction, while also reducing healthcare costs through optimal resource use.


Faster Response Times

The chatbot can provide instant responses to patient queries, improving communication efficiency and reducing waiting times. This is particularly beneficial for patients who require urgent medical advice or support.


Better Communication

Integrating the chatbot with the HMS ensures that information is easily available to the patient. This makes patient adherence to treatment plans much easier, and improves engagement and outcomes.

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