Grow an Interconnected and Thriving Referral Sytem

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Partner Together in the Referral Process

Multispeciality Hospital or Speciality Clinic
(Inbound Reference)
Setup Onboarding

Bring in Clinics and Doctors under the umbrella of your hospital

Manage Referrals

Communicate with referred patients to continously enagage them.

Stay Connected

Engage with referring clinics/doctors constantly and provide updates for further referrals

Activity Evaluation

Stay up-to-date with all the referral connections as well as total referral activity

Referring Clinic or Doctor
(Outbound Reference)

Doctors can cultivate their connections and grow their practice with an onboarding by speciality/multispeciality hospitals

Patient Reference

Refer a patient so that they may get specialised care

Patient Monitoring

Referring doctors can check on the status of their referred patients

Acquire a Mutually-Beneficial Referral Network

The idea of referrals has a triple advantage. Patients benefit the most from referrals, but there are gains for referring clinics, and speciality hospitals as well.

  • Interconnections for referring doctors and clinics with multispecialty hospitals and other specialities are enabled.
  • A large provider network for referrals can be created.
  • Communication log helps to ensure that the referred patient's appointment and track records are updated and easy to view.
  • The 46% referral losses that occur in the healthcare industry can be minimized.
  • A seamless referral case management workflow can be maintained.
  • Reports can be uploaded by referring doctors which helps them to be updated with their former patients.
  • Services offered by the multispeciality hospitals can be viewed so that new referrals in different departments can be made in the future.
  • Patients can connect with the referring doctor as well as with the hospital constantly as part of the care continuum.
  • Revenue for the hospitals as well as for the referring doctors will increase.

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