Standard of Care

HMS that helps establish and maintain a standard of care through digitization and automation.

Patient Engagement

Data-driven solution with increased patient involvement for resolving your patients' healthcare needs.


Systematically improve patient experience, convenience, and ease of operability.

Referral Management

Boost healthcare with a digital platform for referrals that furnishes advantages for all involved.

Connected Care

Personalized and practical care delivered efficiently to patients, beyond the walls of the hospital.

Organ Transplantation

End-to-end application regulated for all processes of organ donation, allocation, and transplantation.

Primary Care Clinic

Digitize your clinic & engage with your patients by enhancing accessibility and connectivity

Nursing Homes

Leverage the advantage of personalised care and integration of services through our solutions.

Secondary Care Hospitals

White-labelled digital model with a complete solution for all facets of your hospital.

Tertiary Care Hospitals

White-labelled solution that is easily integrable with your Hospital Information Management System.

Government and Healthcare

Digitize governmental healthcare institutions and agencies through digital technology adoption.

Experience a new level of care with our patient-centered Hospital Management System. With a focus on the patient experience, our HMS streamlines processes, improves accuracy, and delivers a more personalized, efficient, and effective healthcare experience.

Revolutionize Patient Care with our streamlined and efficient HMS

Introducing our patient-centric hospital management system - Convenient Care, the solution that extends the reach of your hospital beyond its walls. Our platform is designed to put patients at the center of the process, providing a seamless and efficient experience, no matter where they are. With appointment scheduling, medical records management, and other key processes automated and integrated, our HMS enables you to deliver better patient care. Embrace the future of healthcare with our HMS.

Patient-Centric Health Technology: With features from
Operation Excellence to Care Coordination

General Features

Patient-centric care coordination

Providing timely, comprehensive care management and support services to ensure continuity of care.

Patient self-scheduling

Allowing patients to schedule their own doctor appointments and other medical services.

Automated medical records

Using sophisticated software to store and maintain patient records.

Automated medication management

Using software to manage medications and alerts when changes are made.

Patient appointment reminders

Sending reminders to patients about upcoming appointments.

Secure messaging

Allowing patients and providers to communicate securely via text, email, or video.

Telemedicine services

Providing remote care via video, phone, or messaging.

Online bill payment

Allowing patients to pay their bills online.

Electronic prescription refill

Allowing patients to request refills for their medications online.

Automated insurance verification

Verifying insurance information electronically.

Patient portals

Providing secure online access to medical records, appointment scheduling, and test results.

Clinical decision support

Providing automated decision-making tools to help healthcare providers make decisions quickly and accurately.

Clinical analytics

Using data to identify patterns and trends in patient care.

Population health management

Using data to improve the health of an entire population.

Clinical pathways

Providing detailed instructions on how to manage a particular condition or situation.


HMS is a solution designed to streamline the operations of healthcare facilities, playing a critical role in improving patient care and enhancing the overall efficiency of hospitals. The benefits of implementing an HMS are numerous and include:

Improved Clinical Decision-making

Clinical analytics and population health management can provide valuable insights into patient care and improve clinical decision-making.

Improved Patient Access

Telemedicine services and patient self-scheduling increase patient access to care, regardless of location or time constraints.

Improved Communication

Secure messaging and telemedicine services improve communication between patients and providers, increasing the quality of care.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Automated medical records, medication management, insurance verification, and online bill payment increase operational efficiency and reduce

Mocero's Implementation

Implementation of an HMS is a crucial step in the digital transformation of a healthcare organization. A smooth and successful implementation ensures that the healthcare providers can fully utilize the capabilities of the system and deliver the best care to their patients.

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Strong Implementation

Our team of experts will ensure a seamless and efficient implementation process, minimizing any disruption to your current processes and workflows.

Comprehensive Support

From planning and execution to ongoing support and training, we will be there every step of the way to ensure a successful adoption of the EMR system.

Personalized Approach

Our implementation process is tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of your healthcare organization.

Proven Success

With a track record of successful implementations, you can trust us to deliver the best results for your organization.

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