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White-Labelled Solution that is Easily Integrable with
your Hospital Information Management Systems

Redefined Care Delivery

Digital and automation technology can help enable on-demand interactions and seamless engagement processes, which improve patient experience.

Omnichannel Extension

Multifarious connections and communication channels including patient portals, application notifications, phone, email, messages, and social media, that allow patients and clinicians to communicate securely.

Operational Efficiency through Tech

Digital supply chains, automation, robotics, and next-generation interoperability can drive operations management and back-office efficiencies.

Healthcare Decision-Making Process

Include patients along with clinicians in healthcare planning and execution, and bestow accessible, collaborative and convenient care.

Referral Management

Recruit new patients through meaningful referrals while at the same time reducing patient referral leakage through automation, thus leading to better health and higher revenue.

Healthcare must fill big data gaps

Achieve and Maintain Clinician and Patient Engagement

Doctor Benefits

  • End-to-end solution for all healthcare needs.
  • Leverage the digital benefits by integrating our HMS with any third-party applications.
  • Maintain the standard of care.
  • Boost patient engagement.
  • Easy work management by overseeing all your patient appointments (add, reschedule, and cancel) from anywhere.
  • Create and manage watchlists and VIP lists, in order to monitor patients.
  • Increase revenue.
  • Digitally expand the pharmacy and lab services.

Patient Benefits

  • Multilingual chatbot for chronic disease management, medication tracking, and feedback on services.
  • Gamified wellness through a personalized behavioral program.
  • Incentives for patients to be active participants in their wellness journey.
  • Accelerate change through online medicine & lab orders.
  • Easy appointment booking.
  • Easy access and transfer of patient records.
  • Regular alerts on medication and appointments.
  • Engagement by reading educational content on diseases.
  • Update vitals regularly through the mobile app.

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