Standard of Care

HMS that helps establish and maintain a standard of care through digitization and automation.

Patient Engagement

Data-driven solution with increased patient involvement for resolving your patients' healthcare needs.


Systematically improve patient experience, convenience, and ease of operability.

Referral Management

Boost healthcare with a digital platform for referrals that furnishes advantages for all involved.

Connected Care

Personalized and practical care delivered efficiently to patients, beyond the walls of the hospital.

Organ Transplantation

End-to-end application regulated for all processes of organ donation, allocation, and transplantation.

Primary Care Clinic

Digitize your clinic & engage with your patients by enhancing accessibility and connectivity

Nursing Homes

Leverage the advantage of personalised care and integration of services through our solutions.

Secondary Care Hospitals

White-labelled digital model with a complete solution for all facets of your hospital.

Tertiary Care Hospitals

White-labelled solution that is easily integrable with your Hospital Information Management System.

Government and Healthcare

Digitize governmental healthcare institutions and agencies through digital technology adoption.

Streamlining women's health with the help of technology, and empowering them to take control of their health through education and tracking

Helping Women to Stay Ahead of their Health with our Tracking Solution

Our digital solution for women's health, Curola WomanCare is designed to alleviate the hardships women face through their reproductive life. The solution provides an easy to use interface, providing accessibility from anywhere and customizability to fit the patient's unique health goals and preferences. Various health cycles can be planned and tracked such as managing periods, carrying through a pregnancy, or recovering after childbirth. Our platform provides the tools and resources necessary to stay informed and take control of health, all in order to live the healthiest life.

Introducing Curola WomanCare - The Future of Women's Health

A woman's health is a critical aspect of her overall well-being, and our goal is to provide all the support needed to take control of it through the use of technology.

Features We Provide


With compliance to telemedicine guidelines, video appointments can be set up, e-prescriptions shared securely, and payment collections done safely.

Patient-Centric Care Coordination

Providing timely, comprehensive care management and support services to ensure continuity of care and maintenance of good health.

Automated Patient Reminders

Automated appointment and follow-up care reminders can be sent to patients via email and SMS, reducing the risk of missed medication or appointments.

Customizable User Interface

Can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your diabetes practice, with flexible and user-friendly dashboards, workflows, and reporting tools.

Sleep Tracker

Log in to your sleep schedule and update it over time. Tracking the schedule helps to maintain consistency in the sleep cycle.

Weight Tracker

Track your weight over the stipulated period and plan your weight loss or weight gain journey with the help of food and exercise.

Diet Tracking

Input food preferences and keep a tab on the intake, which helps to track and manage weight loss or gain.

Clinical Analytics

Use all of the collected data to identify and interpret patterns and trends in the various cycles of the woman's journey, thus enhancing patient care.

Patient Education

Educate patients through constant engagement to be equal partners in their healthcare decisions and increase awareness for the need and urgency of treatment.

Period Tracker

Period Tracking

Track your menstrual cycle and also predict upcoming cycles.

Ovulation Tracking

Track your period of ovulation and predict the upcoming days.

Pregnancy Tracker

Pregnancy Tracking

Track weekly and monthly milestones

Symptom Tracking

Input and track symptoms, and note down questions for the healthcare provider.

Postpartum Tracker

Baby Tracking

Input the baby's birth information and vitals, as well as the baby's milestones over time.

Symptoms Tracking

Track the woman's post-partum symptoms to discuss with the doctor.

Birth Record

Record delivery complications if any, and other health factors.


Technology has enabled women with the best of solutions for tracking their reproductive health, one that is personalized, convenient, and effective. Healthier women ultimately leads to a healthier world and hence it is paramount that they manage their health well. Even more so with Curola Women, which furnishes many a benefit to them.



Accessibility is provided through mobile apps or desktop websites, furnishing flexibility to manage health easily. An intuitive interface allows to easily input and track health data, and personalized insights help to stay on track with the patient's management goals.


Pregnancy Health

For those who are trying to conceive, the pregnancy tracker helps to keep sight of the timeline for ovulation and monitor its progress throughout the period of pregnancy. Recording the weight, blood pressure, and all other vital signs, can also be done, as well as getting helpful tips on nutrition, exercise, and other aspects of prenatal care.


Periods Health

Menstrual cycle tracking can be done, which includes tracking of the length of the cycle, the start and end dates of the period, and any symptoms women experience. This information helps to plan ahead and manage any discomfort associated with the entire period.


Post-partum Health

For new moms, the post-partum tracker helps to monitor recovery after childbirth. Tracking the baby's feeding and sleeping patterns, as well as the mother's own physical and emotional wellbeing can all be done. This information helps in identifying any issues that may require medical attention and also in getting the support needed to stay healthy and happy.

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