Standard of Care

HMS that helps establish and maintain a standard of care through digitization and automation.

Patient Engagement

Data-driven solution with increased patient involvement for resolving your patients' healthcare needs.


Systematically improve patient experience, convenience, and ease of operability.

Referral Management

Boost healthcare with a digital platform for referrals that furnishes advantages for all involved.

Connected Care

Personalized and practical care delivered efficiently to patients, beyond the walls of the hospital.

Organ Transplantation

End-to-end application regulated for all processes of organ donation, allocation, and transplantation.

Primary Care Clinic

Digitize your clinic & engage with your patients by enhancing accessibility and connectivity

Nursing Homes

Leverage the advantage of personalised care and integration of services through our solutions.

Secondary Care Hospitals

White-labelled digital model with a complete solution for all facets of your hospital.

Tertiary Care Hospitals

White-labelled solution that is easily integrable with your Hospital Information Management System.

Government and Healthcare

Digitize governmental healthcare institutions and agencies through digital technology adoption.

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Complete Solution - A One-Stop Platform for all Healthcare Needs

Secondary care hospitals are responsible for providing more specialized and complex care to patients who require more advanced treatments than primary care facilities can provide. Digital solutions help them to streamline operations, effectively diagnose and treat complex conditions, and improve patient care and experience.

Smooth Patient Registration and Onboarding.

Patient Registration

Smoothly onboard patients into the hospital database with all details

EHR and EMR Access.

Health Records

Access patient electronic health records for seamless care delivery

Setup Hospital Digital Services.

Setup Services

Enable online bookings for consultations, pharmacy, lab tests, health packages, and more

Integrated Invoicing Systems.


Process-based and integrated billing systems with secure gateways

Platform Integration Workflows.

Work Flows

Integrate all parties on one platform, and assign and manage tasks

Patient Communication and Connectivity.

Patient Communication

Provide patients with omnichannel communications with doctors for immediate and quality care

Digitally Access and Manage Reports.

Intelligent Reports

Manage and access all reports digitally and securely

Management of Inbound and Outbound Referrals.


Connect with other healthcare institutions and providers through referral management for patient outflow as well as intake.

White-Labelling - Bestow on your patients Your App, with Your Name, for Your Hospital


Furnish a mobile application with processes for all hospital services


Patients avail virtual doctor appointments and other services such as pharmacy, lab tests, and healthcare packages


Doctors and patients are in touch for all requirements

Health Monitoring

Patients assess their own health metrics and update for analysis


Patient is engaged with educational content on their disease, helping in preventive health as well as trauma recovery


Regular alerts on all medication intake and appointments based on the schedule

Healthcare must fill big data gaps

Achieve and Maintain Clinician and Patient Engagement

Mocero's USP for You

We help you build your digital infrastructure with workflows for every task and thus provide you value

Enhanced Decision Making

Innovative ways of patient data access for clinicians, helping them make quick and informed life-saving decisions


Deliver personalized care according to the patient's need and condition


Automating processes drives efficiency, by improving the workflow management of healthcare providers

Time Management

Multiply your patient interaction time with the help of a hospital management system


Deliver a hybrid model of both physical and digital care, interconnected with each other

Data Security

Highly secure your data with HL7 and HIPAA compliant standards

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