An end-to-end diabetes management platform, for independent specialty clinics.

Platform Features

  • Comprehensive clinic management solution.
  • Remote patient health data tracking with chatbots.
  • Gamified Wellness & Education to improve the overall patient wellness experience.
  • Facilitate home delivery of medicines and tracking.
  • Home collection of lab samples and delivery to your lab for investigations.

For Patients Benefits

We are your full-service digital partner & help health care organization give a great omnichannel treatment experience.

Health tracking and data management

Track parameters related to blood sugar, BP, diabetes, heart rate and other indicators that prompt timely preventative treatment measures.

Digitize supply chain

We bring in last mile logistics & alternate payment solutions to onboard your entire suite of services to be available at the convenience of patient home and coordinate end-to-end activities digitally.

E Consulting

Ensure remote availability of consultation services to improve patient safety.

Health Care Package Management

Create valued added service packages and targeted push promotions to enable subscription coupons-based tracking for healthcare services. Ensure adherence, treatment continuity and long-term customer value.

Lab collection and home diagnostics

Enable home sample pick up and digital tracking for your lab, patients to deliver maximum cost and time savings.

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