Mocero Health Solutions wins Best Startup Award

February 15, 2023

Honored with the Golden Excellence award at the IBCN 2023, Malaysia

IBCN (expanded as International Business Conference of Nagarathars) is a global initiative formed by Nagarathars (Chettiars) worldwide in order to enhance and enrich entrepreneurship among their communities, so as to meet international opportunities and challenges in business. Five previous conferences had been conducted successfully, where eminent personalities have taken part and presented their thoughts.

The 6th edition of IBCN took place at Malaysia from 10th to 12th February, 2023, with the theme being “Innovative Entrepreneurship”. The event was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) and the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, with great success.

Since the goal of IBCN is in fostering entrepreneurism through robust networking, community knowledge sharing, business talks, and conferences, many star performers were celebrated and divers awards presented at the IBCN, 2023 to applaud those who were at the forefront of this endeavour.

It is in this setting that Mr. Palaniappan Narayanan, the CEO and Co-Founder of Mocero Health Solutions was awarded the IBCN 2023 Golden Excellence Best Startup Award, by Mr. MAMR Muthiah, Chairman of the Chettinad Group Of Companies, for his contributions towards promoting innovative entrepreneurship and leading from the front.