Standard of Care

HMS that helps establish and maintain a standard of care through digitization and automation.

Patient Engagement

Data-driven solution with increased patient involvement for resolving your patients' healthcare needs.


Systematically improve patient experience, convenience, and ease of operability.

Referral Management

Boost healthcare with a digital platform for referrals that furnishes advantages for all involved.

Connected Care

Personalized and practical care delivered efficiently to patients, beyond the walls of the hospital.

Organ Transplantation

End-to-end application regulated for all processes of organ donation, allocation, and transplantation.

Primary Care Clinic

Digitize your clinic & engage with your patients by enhancing accessibility and connectivity

Nursing Homes

Leverage the advantage of personalised care and integration of services through our solutions.

Secondary Care Hospitals

White-labelled digital model with a complete solution for all facets of your hospital.

Tertiary Care Hospitals

White-labelled solution that is easily integrable with your Hospital Information Management System.

Government and Healthcare

Digitize governmental healthcare institutions and agencies through digital technology adoption.

Healthcare Made Easy

Healthcare Software

Mocero Health Solutions operates within the healthcare and hospital industry. We enable clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations to build their digital infrastructure, so that they can collaborate with patients on health outcomes and build deep relationships with them. This we do by optimising their operational processes and providing meaningful patient engagement.

Healthcare Delivery

Our digital technology platform helps healthcare providers to deliver the best outcomes for both hospitals and patients. With customised workflows, we furnish an easy care delivery pathway for all disease segments, both in acute and chronic care, improving the efficiency and accessibility in healthcare. Thus, we help you deliver value to your patients in this digital age and take your hospital beyond walls.

Areas in Healthcare where Our Solutions Benefit you

Personalised Patient Experience.

Personalised Experience

Deliver a personalized, economical, efficient and integrated experience to patients without lowering the standard of care.

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Enhanced Health Management.

Health Management

Enhance care delivery and patient outcomes through automated patient engagement processes.

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Patient Base Acquisition and Connection.

Patient Acquisition

Digitally-informed decision making helps in recognizing and connecting to the right consumer base.

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Value-Added Digital Care Products.


Attract more payers and providers into the fold by developing value-based digital care products.

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Health beyond Hospital Model of Care.

Health beyond Hospital

Deliver novel models of care such as home health, connected care, and telemedicine at scale.

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Upward Arrow. Omnichannel Patient Involvement and Engagement.

Omnichannel Involvement

Provide smooth patient experience through formulation of multi-channeled engagement, including through calls, notifications, chats, web mails, and social media.

Upward Arrow. Ideal Care Pathways.

Care Pathways

Deliver potential workflows and ideal care routes through analysis, leading to better productivity and member outcomes.

Areas in Healthcare where Our Solutions Benefit you

What will the Hospital of the Future be like?

The future of the hospital is a
“Hospital beyond Walls”.

Hospital Beyond Walls

Patient-Centered Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation in healthcare is the building block of a patient-focused approach to healthcare. Streamlining operations through appropriate solutions offers patients a better user experience.

Care Delivery and Engagement.

Care Delivery and Engagement

Changes in technology are increasing patients' role in decision making through content disbursement, self-health monitoring, and doctor-patient connectivity.

Technology-Enabled Connected Healthcare.

Connected Care

Quality healthcare is personalized and made accessible to the patient through preventive healthcare and management of potential health concerns, with the help of technology.

Who We Serve

We help you navigate your digital journey with ease

Primary Care Clinics

Equip yourself digitally to engage with patients at the grassroots level

  • Better communication with patients
  • Convenient appointment scheduling
  • Tie up with secondary and tertiary care centres for referrals bring in revenue
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Old patient interacting with her Primary Care Provider.

Nursing Homes

Maintain a care continuum with constant patient interaction throughout the course of the therapy

  • Optimise care delivery according to the requirement
  • Track the daily health schedule of patients to provide proper care
  • Improve patient experience by giving them greater control of their care
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Nurse taking a patient around in a wheelchair at a Nursing Home.

Secondary Care Hospitals

Multiply your patient interaction and engagement time with the help of our hospital management system.

  • Deliver digital assistance for patient convenience
  • Use of data to provide more personalised health services
  • Increase doctor-patient interaction and communication
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Doctor counselling a seated Patient about his Treatment Options.

Tertiary Care Hospitals

Potent technology that helps you scale your hospital in order to provide services to a wider circle.

  • White-labelled application and mobile app for patient centric service
  • Consolidate the patient list and maintain patient engagement
  • Obtain and manage referrals through contacts
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Doctor and Nurse providing Care to a Patient on the Hospital bed.

Government and Healthcare

Affordable solutions curated for specific healthcare needs of the public.

  • Integrate the latest healthcare innovations
  • Minimal effort and at affordable value
  • Data security is highly valued
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Doctor holding a sheet of Digital Health Solutions for Government.

Why Mocero?

Doctor, Hospital Owner and Patient on Mocero's Healthtech Platform.
  • Mocero Health Solutions involves the Patients fully in the complete Healthcare Delivery Process.
  • We help extend your Services beyond Hospital walls and bring Healthcare delivery to the hands of the patients.
  • Patient Medical Engagement taken beyond the Hospital Consultation or Visit, furnishing a Care Plan for the maintenance of continued Good Health.
  • An Inbuilt, Intelligent, and Multilingual Chatbot in the mobile application helps to Enrich the Patient Experience.
  • Omnichannel Experience for doctors and healthcare providers, with Personalised Operating Revenues which increases the Patient Interaction with the hospital.

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