Streamlining the process of Organ Donation and Transplantation through Better Tracking and Empowerment of Patient Outcomes.

Connecting Donors and Recipients in Transplant Care

Digitize your hospital to manage and track the whole process of organ transplantation, through the automation of all workflows and conversion of analog systems to virtual models.

How we Address your Needs


Detailed view of all donors and recipients, with tracking, review, and updates of all patient status based on parameters such as waiting period, risk profile, blood group, age, gender, geography, and organ type.


Bring in new transplant patients (recipients) after inputting all details and generating a unique identity number (UID), who are then automatically added to various waiting lists.

Patient List

A patient list is generated for the hospital, and the patients can further be grouped into other lists such as 'pinned' and 'high-risk' patients. Each doctor and coordinator has their individual patient list also.

Organ List

The cases/patients are also grouped into lists based on the organ required for transplant. This can constantly be viewed on the home dashboard.


Doctors can view patient schedules, daily itineraries, and task reminders. Doctors, coordinators, and patients can keep track of appointments, counseling sessions, surgeries, and other tasks.

Patient Task List

Timeline view of the different stages of the transplantation process for the patient - investigation, consultation, preliminary counseling, history collection, documentation, review, surgery, and post-surgery.

Case Sheet

All patient details are available in the case sheet for view, including medical record documentation, consultation, services, vital updates, review notes, allergies, habits, follow-up plans, etc.

Care Team Setup

The “add participant” option helps to add doctors, coordinators, patients (recipients), caretakers (patient relatives), and donors together on the same forum for connectivity, info sharing, and a feasible treatment process.

Patient Management

'Patient history' helps to view the patient-doctor visit summary as well as the case sheet summary, along with the prescribed medicines, services, and inferences. Chatbot helps with knowledge sharing.

Workflow Tracker

Keep track of the donor and recipient waiting list status, based on different factors. The admin can also track the work of each doctor and coordinator separately, increasing efficiency.

Your Work at your Fingertips

Equip mobile applications for your doctors, coordinators, as well as patients, getting the work done efficiently, improving
convenience, and enhancing the overall process.



A mobile app makes it easy for patients and healthcare professionals to access information and services on the go, without the burden of always accessing a system.



The schedule for all work can be tracked at one's convenience, with the option for reminders regarding appointments and consultations.



Our interface helps with an excellent user experience both for the patients as well as the hospital staff, where all the data can be accessed and all the work accomplished.



Chat forums are furnished where doctors, coordinators, patients, caretakers (relatives of recipients), and donors come together for all communication.

Track Workflows

The single most advantageous benefit you gain with our product is the ability to view, track and process all the info regarding
every organ, and also to track all the work of all those involved.

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